Sunday, February 14, 2021


 If you were ever involved with scouts, your mind is singing the rest of this 

A terrible death to die, A terrible death to die, A terrible death, a terrible death, A terrible death to die.

Isn't it funny how our minds go back to things we learned long ago?!! I remember singing this as a Brownie Scout (more years ago than I can count!).

We here at CaDi Corners have been tempting you with little teases about an exciting announcement to come and the time is NOW!!

Many of you may recognize this pineapple block.  While it is hard to see the difference in the photo, the top block is a 12 1/2" square and the bottom is a 6 1/2" square.

We are launching a project called "Love Thy Neighbor" where we will join forces as quilting friends to create two quilts to donate to those in need.  Because today is Valentine's Day, we thought we would extend the love theme out for several weeks!

Here's how it will work:

CaDi Corners has put together little kits that contain the fabric, directions, and the foundation paper to make either 1 - 12" block or 2 - 6" blocks.  These sweet blocks are sewn on paper so they will all be exactly the same!  Pretty cool, huh?

All you need to do is stop by CaDi Corners and pick up your kit (FREE), complete the block(s) and return it to us.  We will gather the completed blocks, sew them together into a quilt,  and deliver them.  We are hoping to do two - one for a boy and one for a girl.  These blocks are fun and easy to complete - we think you will enjoy showing love to others!

The blocks will be ready for pick up by this Friday, February 19th.  We understand that life gets crazy so we are running this project for a month.  All completed blocks need to be returned to CaDi Corners by March 20th (Saturday).  Once the quilts are complete, we will take photos and make sure you get to see the finished product.

We couldn't do this without YOU!  Thank you for joining us in our "Love Thy Neighbor" project.

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