Monday, November 29, 2021

Sister Visit Part II

 Sew much has happened since my last post!  Thanksgiving came and went . . . .

We are hoping you all had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving! This year, Diane went to New York to spend the day with her adult children and grandchildren and for the first time ever, my hubby and I were alone with our youngest (who is an adult and still lives at home).  The day for me was wonderful as I was able to SEW, SEW, SEW!!!!!  YAY!

I finished up a small baby quilt for grandbaby #23 who arrived on November 5th.  Then I made her a Christmas stocking and embroidered her name on a stuffed Teddy Bear. I spent much time cleaning up my very messy sewing room and preparing for the Christmas Sewing Marathon I put myself in every year.  This year I am making 14 (yes, FOURTEEN) Fetch your Sketch (s). This is a ByAnnies pattern and I will post photos as I go along.

BUT. . . to continue with the story of our sister time in Vermont, here are pictures of a quilt that I was unable to finish prior to making my trip.  I brought some squares completed, had to complete the rest, and put it all together.  Then, wanting to waste no time, we put it on Little Miss Lovey (our Longarm) and quilted it.  This quilt is made from a fat quarter bundle of Sweater Weather fabric.

Isn't it gorgeous?  The pattern is called Brightly by Cluck Cluck Sew and I love this pattern because - who doesn't love an Irish Chain (?) but this Irish Chain has varying sizes of blocks in it.  It keeps the interest up.  All of the star points are from Moda Grunge and the color is called Pumpkin.  I can't get enough of the Moda Grunge line!  They have a beautiful black called Little Black Dress that is to die for!

Once this quilt was finished, we moved on to make some really fun stuff.
I will post those photos next!

Happy Sewing!
Cathy (and Diane).

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Sister Visit

 This year has just flown by! It seems like I write posts in my head all the time and when I finally get to put it down on paper, I realize 5 whole months have passed!!!

On October 20th, I flew to Vermont to spend some time with Diane planning out CaDi Corners projects and dreams.

I missed the peak foliage but got to see this:

This was across the street from Diane's house.  Don't you just love the orange?!!!

On our first day together we were able to talk about the projects we wanted to work on while I was there.  We had QUITE THE LIST!    I know, I know, I suffer from delusions of grandeur!  But then again, if I don't have a big list, there will be less to check off  ✔  (and I love seeing things checked off my list).

I didn't think we were serious about getting these projects done until we did this:

sip sip ahhhh!

Have you ever been guilty of running down rabbit holes when working on STUFF?  Surely not!  😉

I bet you would like to know what we did!  But first, a little history . . . .

Our Grandmother Bushey bought a Singer sewing machine in 1950.   That was the year our parents got married and a year later, our eldest sister was born.  Memere Bushey used to sew clothes and blankets and worked that machine a lot.  The Singer was made in 1950 and came in an oak cabinet that had a knee press to make it go.  That machine ended up at our sister Debbie's home for many years but  Debbie passed away in 2017 and a couple of months ago Diane retrieved the machine from our brother-in-law.  This was our first rabbit hole.  We took the machine out of the cabinet (it was so heavy that it took both of us to lift it out), and prepared the cabinet for giving it a farmhouse look.

I know it is not pictured here, but Diane LOVES power tools!  She got to use the electric sander and I was stuck getting steel wool splinters in my fingers using that pitiful piece of steel wool pictured!  

It took two weeks of working on it in little snatches of time but Diane did an amazing job!

An added extra special feature is that our grandmother's name is scratched on the inside of the cabinet!

More to come later on our fun sister time adventures!

Sew long,

Sister Visit Part II

 Sew much has happened since my last post!  Thanksgiving came and went . . . . We are hoping you all had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving!...